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Strategy & Design: From initial concept and planning to design and implementation.

Aaronson Group for Strategy

Aaronson for Strategy

We are focused on customer loyalty & retention, and have built our company around the belief that the quickest road to increased revenue is to maximize your relationship with your existing customers, including your offline customers.

The services below are examples of some of the most common ways we work with our clients.

Persona Building Workshops

During this workshop, we work with your team to create robust descriptions of your customers, their needs, and why they interact with your brand. Knowing your customers is the first step to anticipating their needs.

Usability Assessments

Our team will analyze your website, email marketing and multi-channel user experience and provide a detailed strategy blueprint detailing where the stumbling blocks are. More than just pointing out problems, we also suggest solutions.

Multi-Channel Strategy

Multi-Channel Consumers are more loyal and spend more money. We will help you craft a strategy that encourages users to interact with you across multiple channels. We can help you avoid the fear of channibilism by spreading credit across your channels.

User Experience, Interactive Architecture

Before design begins, we will create a complete user experience that ensures your high-value personas (customers) get what they need from your brand. This includes creating a personalized user experience that evolves over time as your users' need evolve. With over 10 years in the personalization industry, we are widely-known experts in the field.

Strategy Leads to Design

Once a robust strategy is in place, it's time to move on to design.

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